My interest in textiles came in pieces then all at once...

But my interest in using design to explore the history, effect and potentials of commonplace objects took root in undergrad. Studying architecture, I came to understand that the way we interact with larger structures -our homes, workplaces and cultural institutions- are all opportunities to change how we belong and connect to the world. And then, in my final semester –while transforming my thesis research on the corn industry and the power of landscape imagery into a design project- I decided to take a studio course that I had been interested in for a few years. When I sat down at the loom I finally felt like I had found my medium. 

Even -perhaps especially- today when the majority of individuals are so far removed from the processes of manufacturing goods, I believe it is a critical issue to understand and explore because it connects us to the world in such far-reaching ways. I love the process of learning and unveiling a single object or place’s history and reframing it with the addition of new materials and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.