Starting something new is rarely easy.

It can be an exciting, hopeful, even exhilarating experience to begin a new chapter but easy...well it doesn't happen that way for me. When you're fortunate enough (#blessed) to be the one who has decided to make the big change it can be thrilling. In the past two years I have graduated from my undergrad architecture program, moved to NYC, found a job, designed a restaurant, listened to countless hours of podcasts, made new friends, bought a loom, applied to graduate school and made plans to leave the city again. Some of these things amy seem like strange items to include in my summary of the last couple of years, but each of those experiences has brought here. One of the things I have seen the truth in during this time is that of we all have to start somewhere. We may be afraid of doing things wrong or being incomplete, but letting out fears or doubts stop us means we may never even start. So here is to beginning something new and remembering that we can have as many fresh starts as we need.